Split Personality

Yesterday was a rainy windy mess and M & I didn’t leave the apartment. We contemplated going to a movie at one point, but after hearing the rain pouring down decided we were nice and dry and warm and that was good. Since we were homebound I decided it was time to set up my mac mini. I did a migration from my old computer so the mac side was all in order, which left the PC side. After some partitioning and restarting I installed Vista. I feel like a traitor saying this, but I kinda like it. They have gadgets on the side bar (I know, a widgets rip off) and one which is particularly neat is a little window that cycles through photos. I haven’t pointed it to my own yet, but even their stock images going by is cool. I found a magic 8 ball as well. I was able to set up my library account to download audiobooks, which is the whole reason I was interested in having access to a PC in the first place. I am almost to the point where I can download ebooks to my phone. It will be nice to not have to carry a book but still be able to get some reading done on the train.


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