Bag Hunt

I have been on the hunt for a new bag for a while now. I need something to carry my library books as well as the other normal purse type stuff. I found this super cute felt tote yesterday that I fell in love with. I mean we all know how I feel about felt and there are just enough pockets, including a secret outside pocket that I discovered today, to hold the important things. It turns out it is made by a japanese company and is called a rootote. I found them on the internet and did a little searching around despite the fact that the page is almost completely in japanese and found that the bag retails on their site for about $8… I can tell you that the chic Park Slope store which had these totes was not selling them for $8… At least I feel like the price I paid was still worth it. To be honest, if they were $8, I probably would now have 5 or 6 new bags instead of just one. Maybe I will have to take a trip to Japan now to see what other goodies I can get for $8. 🙂


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