Turkey Day 2009

This year M&I decided to it would be nice to spend thanksgiving at home. We made an over the top meal that could have easily fed six people but every bite of it was wonderful, if we do say so ourselves.On the menu:

  • a turkey breast from the farmers market with butter and herbs
  • roasted maple yam salad with cranberries and pecans
  • mashed fingerling potatoes
  • sourdough stuffing using a modified version of this recipe
  • cranberries made with apple cider instead of water, sweet for M and not sweet for me
  • green bean casserole using the recipe from the Trader Joe’s fried onion pieces can with fresh green beans
  • who can forget the sweet gherkins and olives
  • for dessert we have sweet potato pie with fresh whipped cream.

M was responsible for everything potato and I took care of the rest. He is also on clean up duty, just in case you thought he got away easy. I had the brilliant idea of freezing two whole meals so that we aren’t eating leftovers until next week.  I am thankful that I didn’t have to camp on the property at all this year thanks to our 10×10 and M is thankful we aren’t pounding the pavement looking for jobs. I hope that your Thanksgiving was at least as good as ours.


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