Eating the Road

Way, way, way back in 2002 I had the brilliant idea that I would escape from NY to Santa Fe. This was pre-marriage but M decided that it would be a good idea to join me and since we were making such a big physical move we should just go ahead and get engaged as well. That is a story for another time. So we packed up our stuff and drove our black Accord along I-40 to get to the land of Enchanment. This was back in the day when you still went to AAA to get guidebooks and paper triptiks with your route highlighted. There were very few side trips and almost no stopping. We were on a mission to get where we were going. We tried our best to make our home in Santa Fe, but it didn’t quite take and we packe up all our stuff and made our way back to Brooklyn. This time we decided to take a different route through Dodge, along I-10 (getting to New Orleans and seeing the coastal road mere months before Katrina wiped much of it away) and without eating at a chain restaurants. We did a pretty good job. We avoided national chains of every kind and didn’t have any bad meals. I wish I had a blog then because I can’t remember many of the places we ate. I also wish there a blog like Eating the Road around then. Each review has detailed information about the restaurant, what they are known for, a weblink if available, a rating, and lots and lots of pictures. I may have to plan another cross country trip just to check a few of these places out!


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  1. Thank you so much. I love that you love it and that you’ve done a similar thing. I’m having a lot of fun. (Note: I visited White Mana :P)

    Where are some of the places you stopped at? What were some of your favorites?

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