Drive In


What could be better than dinner and a movie on date night? How about dinner and a drive in double feature! It was a real after school cartoon kind of line up with G.I. Joe and Transformers 2. It was a beautiful night and we have a van so we blew up an air mattress, threw in some pillows and drove over to the theater in Hyde Park. G.I. Joe was surprisingly well done with lots of action, cool gadgets, not too over the top nods to the cartoon, and a decent story. A very satisfying summer blockbuster. Transformers, in a word, sucked. Not worth it at all. Confusing plot, terrible new characters (think Jar Jar level annoying), unnecessary subplots that lead nowhere, and too many explosions. The coolest part of the evening was watching the moon rise above the tree line, something we most likely would not have seen if we hadn’t been at the drive in.


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