Sleep is for the Week

3570712542_6f956b84c0No one had a camera so this image will have to do.

This weekend we had a few friends come in from out of town. It was a crazy sleep deprived weekend. These are friends we have known for 15 years and it is always an adventure when we all get together. Things are a wee bit different then they were 15 years ago. A few more pounds, a few less hairs, jokes of jobs (or lack there of), more and more little ones, and much less stamina for staying up late. We gave it our best though. We made it through the weekend with only one casualty and luckily it was just a couch. Don’t ask. And while things change, they also stay the same. The re-telling of the night of 1000 stories, teasing to the point of tears (or with tears as the ultimate goal), talk of how it was back in our day, and of course overindulging in food and drink. As our friend Matt put it, “These gatherings happen less and less often, therefore their intrinsic value grows. You better f-ing appreciate it.” I couldn’t have said it any better.


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