ISO Crackers

Tuna small

In my quest to avoid things processed to within an inch of their life and HFCS filled I have been looking into recipes for things like ketchup, yogurt, torillas… you get the picture. Today the promise of an easy cracker recipe on Tastespotting brought me to a great blog with a mouthwatering recipe for Chipotle Tuna Tartare with Sea Asparagus salad. Oh, and a recipe for some quick rosemary crackers. I do not have access to sea asparagus that I know of, nor have I ever heard of it before but I think I may have to search it out. Thanks for the recipe, Elizabeth! I can’t wait to see what is next.


One Reply to “ISO Crackers”

  1. You are very very welcome Lizbeth ( I’ve been called that as a nickname…love it!). I hope your readers enjoy this recipe as much as I do! They really are easy. And way better than any cracker in the store. Delicious! Oh, and thanks for the link back…:)

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