Vacation in Retrospect


After a week of biking, laying on the beach, grilling, puzzles, and hanging out with my family I am back at my computer catching up with emails and blog posts. Apparently LBI was the place for Brooklyn Bloggers last week. Who knew I was in such good company. We were fortunate to get in and out when we did. The traffic was bumper to bumper in the opposite direction practically from our house to LBI. My sister who is leaving for Australia in a few days (lucky girl!) and my cousin spent the 4th with M & me which helped extend the feeling of being on vacation. After we drove home, we trekked into the city for lobster rolls from Mary’s Fish Camp, (yum!) followed by cupcakes at Magnolia (although those were eaten in the morning because we couldn’t say no to the bread pudding at Mary’s) and then fireworks. Quite a packed day and a lot of fun.

The picture is from the Amateur Gourmet and if you are wondering what the deal is between Pearl and Mary’s Fish Camp Adam’s explanation will clear it all up for you. In my humble opinion, I say you can’t go wrong with either.


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