screenshotI don’t want to sound too much like an infomercial here, but I have to say I am pretty jazzed about a new app from my iPhone called Cardstar. I am constantly losing and forgetting my rewards cards because I flat out refuse to have them on my keychain. It is a designer thing. I do carry a few that I use all the time in the change compartment of my wallet but there are still plenty to fall in the seat cushions, clutter my desk, and collect dust behind the dresser. I loaded up the cards from my wallet (I will have to search out and dust off the others) and I am ready to test it out. The reviews suggest that an anti-glare screen protector (check!) will help and that I may have to adjust my brightness. Hopefully brightness control within the app will be on the way soon. Now when I am fishing around for change I won’t have to dump out my cards as well. via


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  1. I wonder if the “rewards” are really worth the information that you are giving away? CVS is the perfect example of a company that can track how many candy bars a diabetic buys and then sell it to insurance companies. The world is not full of good and kind business … wall street proved that again.

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