I Go Walking


The subway is one of the most stressful parts of NY, in my opinion. People pushing and shoving and taking up more than one seat and flapping their paper in your face. Especially after work things are just too much to handle. In order to delay this torture a bit I have started walking. At first I walked to a subway stop just under 2 miles away, then a stop just over 2 miles away, then to a stop just over 2 1/2 miles away. The next jump was a big one. The stop 2 1/2 miles away is the last in Manhattan so now I am walking across the Brooklyn Bridge! That makes my trip 4.6 miles and although I still have to take the subway for a few stops, it is later in the evening and it isn’t nearly as crowded. Now that the days are longer I would like to get to the point where I walk all the way home, which is almost 8 miles. I will just keep walking one stop further until I get to that point.


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