I Will Soon Need a Bell

8291-35_el_glb_1_wmn_carmel_blkrevised0403_lThis is the year I am going to get a bike to replace my Specialized Hardrock that was stolen a few years back. I have been way too sad to even think about it not to mention when I have been Upstate I have been working, not biking. Now that we have our little cabin in the woods I don’t have to work quite as hard and I can plan for some fun things like biking the rail trail or into town. I am pretty excited about the idea of having a bike again. Shopping for a bike is way different now that it was in 2001. There is this whole class of bikes called comfort bikes. Perfect! What is a comfort bike? As far as I can tell it is a bike that has a seat that is lower than the handlebars (no more leaning!) and the woman’s versions are step through which is good for me because I have short legs. At the moment this Specialized is the front runner mostly because I love the look. It is nice to see that not all women’s bike’s have to come in pastel colors with flowers. I will definitely be test driving before I buy. I am a designer, but I am not crazy!


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