And Another One Down

craftcovers1-10A very sad email just found its way to my inbox. Craft magazine is no more. Issue 10 is the last issue. I am bummed. I seems like just yesterday I was so excited to learn that Make magazine would have a sister coming out and it would be devoted to craft. (Come to think of it, I never did get that tshirt I was promised…) I haven’t been this disappointed since I flipped through the first issue only to find there was no pattern for the adorable robots on the front. What a tease. This last issue was packed with lots of interesting stuff that made me glad I was a subscriber. I will be finishing out this subscription with a few issues of Make and I will stay in touch with the blog and what will hopefully be expanded online content, but it just isn’t the same. ReadyMade, if you are reading this, HANG IN THERE!!


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