The Burger Joint

4burgerjointToday M&I were in midtown. We received tickets as a Christmas present to see In The Heights (which was very good) and then decided that since we were out and about we would roam around and grab something for dinner. With the help of his trusty iPhone, M found a reasonably priced place called The Burger Joint in Le Parker Meridien hotel. As we entered the lobby, we wondered what we had gotten ourselves into. This is a fairly swanky hotel and we were looking for something low key… and where was it anyway? We walked through a fancy bar, saw the reception desk and the other set of exit doors, where was this place… then the delicious smell of burger wafted towards us from behind a velvet curtain. A few steps further and to find a little neon burger pointing the way. The place is a a total surprise. It feels more like a dive bar in a hip part of Brooklyn than a place to get food in a fancy hotel. You go up to the counter, order your burger (we got the works) and head to your table. Beers come in a plastic cups, fries come in a bag and with all that I have to say that this is definitely one of the top 5 burgers in NY. We had passed Magnolia on the way to get our burgers so we even got cupcakes for dessert. Not a bad meal.


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