Clutter Clearing

I will shamefully admit that there are times when our apartment is so messy I would never think of having company come over. M&I are both working on getting our stuff under control, but it takes time and is sometimes hard to let go. For my part in our clutter clearing I will be letting all of my magazine subscriptions taper off. I barely get a chance to read them and then have a hard time putting them out with the recycling so there are piles of them stashed all over. M has done a fantastic job of cleaning the room that I wouldn’t let anyone see even if the apartment was looking fairly clean. In the past year we have both realized that while we would like to have enough time to do everything, we don’t and some of our projects that have been sitting around collecting dust would be better off in someone else’s hands. This is a lesson that is coming slower to me, but I am working on it. Today I read some good tips for helping to clear the clutter. via


2 Replies to “Clutter Clearing”

  1. I was happy to help out and take an old computer off M’s pile … if you want me to take some fiber off your pile just let me know 🙂

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