Help Find Rocky

picture-11If you live in the East Falls Church area of Arlington, VA please keep an eye out for my friend’s dog Rocky. He was spooked by a car horn while out on a walk on January 3rd. You can find more information and updates at

This is Rocky’s story:

I’ve been loved by my daddy since I was 2 months old – I am 7 years old now. I am a neutered male Australian Cattle Dog – tri-colored (Black, White, and Tan). He rescued me from Santa Clara Humane Society in California. We made a cross country trip in 2006 and now reside in Arlington County. It was exciting since I got to pee on 11 states! I’ve been extremely intelligent my entire life – causing daddy many headaches by escaping from crates and apartments, unmaking his bed, and opening his fridge and eating his food. But he loves me anyway! On the early morning of January 3rd I was being walked by one of daddy’s friends down Sycamore St. near the entrance to Route 66 when someone honked a car horn which spooked me and caused me to run in the opposite direction. Now I just want to get back home to my daddy. Will you please help me?


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