I Had Myself a Merry Little Christmas

I am happy to report that I had a wonderful time with everyone these past few days. People seemed to like their little felt mistletoe ornaments with real fake pearl berries (I should really post a picture…) The cookies were a huge hit. I made way way too many of course. Luckily there were plenty of relatives with kids to take dozens off my hands. Grandpa figured out a way to play Trivial Pursuit so that it doesn’t seem like we were playing forever (when you land on a chip question, the other team reads all the questions on the card until you get one right or run out of questions. Brilliant!) There was video game time (Gaaaaa!!!) and of course we watched A Christmas Story in pieces a few times. This year there weren’t a lot of presents which made me personally very happy. Everyone seemed more interested in spending time laughing and loving than picking out the perfect gift. Wonderful. I hope that every Christmas can be so delightful.


One Reply to “I Had Myself a Merry Little Christmas”

  1. We agree. What a wonderful time. Diane and I are especially so glad you and Mike were able to spend time with us. The cookies and the strata were great! We so enjoy being with family during Christmas.

    Love Dad

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