C is for Cookie

42-18564748This past weekend M&I made dozens and dozens of cookies. We were pretty much making cookies all day. We made press cookies, thumbprints, peanut butter chocolate chip, and last but not least oatmeal. The oatmeal cookies were not my best and I think I am going to try another recipe tonight. I replaced shortening for butter and didn’t add more flour. What a newbie mistake! I have to say that our new silpat mats made the whole process a breeze. No stuff sticking to cookie sheets and the clean up was a snap! Well clean up of the cookie sheets was a snap. The rest of the kitchen was a disaster area. We still have some icing to do tonight, along with a pecan pie, and then we are all ready to pass them off to friends and family. Thank goodness. My willpower is only so strong!!


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