Pierogi Lasagna

lasagna3I want to college in Pittsburgh and coming from New Jersey in a more Italian than anything else family, I had never heard of this perfect food called the pierogi. Much like ravioli, it is pasta enclosing potato filling, sometimes with other things, sometimes just potato. Then you fried it up in a pan with some onions and oil. Mmmmmm. What could be more perfect? Maybe morphing this delicious bundle of carby goodness into a multilayered pan of carby goodness! We recently went to Costco and bought a humongous bag of potatoes just waiting to be made into something comforting. It must be fate! This recipe sounds like it would be good as is, but I can definitely see adding some mushrooms, or spinach, maybe some rosemary, maybe… well I think you get the idea. If it goes with potatoes and pasta, it will work in this.


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