Give the Gift of Your Time

In the past few years I have become more and more torn at this time of year. I love the holiday season because of the time I get to spend with family and friends and dread it because of the pressure of giving gifts. Will they like it? Do they need it? I consider people in my family very lucky. We do well for ourselves and can afford to splurge once in a while. This means that people really don’t need another doo dad from me. While the thought is appreciated many people are trying to cut back on the amount of things they own, myself included. So now what? Last year we made donations to FINCA and Make It Right. We are heading in that direction again, although we are not sure what charity yet, but it would be nice to give something as well. What better than to extend the part of Christmas I really love which is spending time with family and friends and giving an experience rather than a physical something.

Some suggestions from Unclutterer are:

  • Paint a room
  • Update a resume
  • Plant a garden
  • Design a web page
  • Prepare a specialty meal
  • Take care of children
  • Organize a garage
  • Fix something that is broken

    I would personally feel very lucky to receive a few “Help E&M work on their property this Summer” coupons in my stocking!


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