I know I have posted about my love for all things skull related before. Well today while wandering around the plaza area we passed by a jeweler that had a lot of nice things in the window. A lot of nice things and one really really awesome thing. I fell in love with this belt buckle the moment I laid eyes on it. I don’t usually do this, but I went in and tried got a closer look. Then I tried it on. Then I put it through my belt loops. I try not to be too terribly impulsive so Mom, Bill, M and I went for lunch while I pondered it. There is just no denying how awesome this belt buckle is so we went back. After a little more discussion we decided that ruby eyes would make this already badass hunk of silver just that much more so. Since there are a few changes to be made I will have to wait a few weeks. I am so excited! Thanks again Mom and Bill!


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