Is There Life On Mars

I have been a New Yorker for a long while. Even when I was living in Santa Fe, I was a New Yorker, which is why I moved back. I started watching Life on Mars this evening because I had run through all my regular TV shows and what the heck, I now the BBC version was good so I figured this one might be as well. The main character is thrown back into 1973 from 2008. He figures this out when he looks over at the Manhattan skyline and sees the Twin Towers still standing. With the scene set and the music building up as the towers appeared on the screen, I got teary. I didn’t expect it. I drive past ground zero once a week and beyond being terribly disappointed that there is still a huge hole in the ground, I don’t have a real strong reaction. I miss the towers. They were visible from just about anywhere on the island. You may not have known which way Broadway was but you knew which way was south.


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