Spontaneous Movie Watching

I have had Netflix for a really long time. I remember the one thing that I was sad about was that I was losing the spontaneity of going to the movie rental store to pick out a movie to watch that very evening. I got over that pretty quickly since the good outweighs the bad. Things were improved slightly (and then much more so once Starz got on board) when Netflix introduced their Watch Instantly feature. But I have to admit I still missed browsing through new movie titles and seeing things that I had forgotten I wanted to see or something that I hadn’t even realized came out. Just recently I noticed a new basket by the return counter of my local library with movies. I figured I would take a quick flip as I was waiting in line and was surprised to see a few that I had wanted to see, but forgot to put in my queue. The spontaneity I was looking for is now back! The best part? Totally free for a whole week. That is something you never got at Blockbuster.


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