To Store or Not to Store

M&I rent a storage unit upstate. We have had it since we moved back from New Mexico and until about three weeks ago we went there about twice a year, once to get the air conditioner, and once to drop it off. For whatever reason we finally decided that three years was enough and we needed to take action. To make the task a little less daunting we have been removing a box at a time and bringing it back to Brooklyn with us to unpack. In some cases we had empty boxes in there (don’t ask, there isn’t a good reason) so we could clear out a few at a time. It has been terribly cathartic. I can’t tell you how wonderful it has been to open a box, deal with its contents and break it down. In most cases whatever was in the box is being donated or freecycled. We actually found the last of our tea cups which I figured was gone for good. This story reminds me of our project and made my chuckle. There have been more than a few situations where one or the other of us would cock an eyebrow because of some sentimental object that can’t be thrown away. via


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