So Many Crisps

This weekend M & I decided to pack it in a little early and go apple picking! We have been working really hard on our shed and haven’t taken much time to enjoy what the Hudson Valley has to offer. This was my first time and it was so much fun. There are a whole lotta orchards in the area, but we chose Dressel Farms. We were given our bucket with the caution that it would hold 20 lbs of apples. Even at $.95 a pound, that is a lot of apples. We set out towards the macouns based on the advice of the women who gave us our bucket and started picking. I couldn’t resist picking a few romes and courtlands as well. These will probably all be made in the applesauce, apple crisp, apple tart or one of these other delicious looking apple recipes (thanks, Deb!) Why you ask? Because as we went in to get a cider doughnut we saw that they had bags of Honey Crisp apples! They are far and away my favorite type of apple. In fact when you ask me what I look for in an apple, I think about honey crisps. The crispy crunch, the not too sweetness, the wonderful texture. Yum. Sorry macoun, you just can’t compare. If you want to know what apples are ready for picking and what they are good for, Dressels has put together a handy chart.


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