In 1999 I went to Sweden to visit a friend for New Year’s. While wandering around the town of Malmö one day, she introduced me to the Swedish institution of fika (pronounced fee:ka). Fika is a break in your day to have coffee, something sweet and most importantly to socialize. Apparently a mid-morning fika is just about mandatory in most Swedish offices. What a wonderful idea. Getting together to share 15 minutes and talk get to know your coworker, catch up with a friend or meet your husband then head back to your desk refreshed and ready to tackle your work again. My friend in now in NJ and has 3 little ones so it is harder for us to get together (although once I finish this post I am going to call her) but I will never forget sitting down with her to have coffee and a sweet in her home town. Vilken trevlig fika!


One Reply to “Fika”

  1. Dearest you! Finally read your fika bit – you are too sweet. Let’s see if I could ever break away from NJ and we’ll have a fika i the City. xoxo

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