Green Chile

The web seems to be commanding me to visit to Santa Fe! Today via Tastespotting I saw this post talking about green chile cheese burgers from Bobcat Bite! In case you haven’t been to Santa Fe, pretty much anything can come with green chile and it tastes good on so many things. In eggs, on burgers, smothering enchiladas, in corn bread, in ice cream… ok, I never actually saw it in ice cream, but that is about the only thing. Here in NY, green means tomatilla and I am not a huge fan of tomatilla, so I am missing green chile. Especially now that it is roasting season. The smell in the air, the snapping and sizzling of your chilis as they are roasted while you wait. I won’t make it back in time to get my own bushel… Mom, I hope you are buying me a bushel and freezing them for me.


One Reply to “Green Chile”

  1. Your mom doesn’t think green chile in large quantities agrees with her anymore. So, we probably won’t be getting any. Geez, I might as well live in New York City!

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