I love to cook. There is something therapeutic about taking raw ingredients and putting them together into a delicious dinner. I have spent many a Sunday chopping, sauteing and baking. That said, I am not a very creative cook. That is not to say I am not a good cook. I think I do a decent job choosing recipes and sticking to them. I also have a few dishes I can whip up without a recipe, but I do not stray too much from what I know, which isn’t a lot. This is in part to the fact that there are a lot of basics I skipped over to get to where I am. I found a new blog called Start Cooking which is helping my fill in the blanks. I love all the quality step by step pictures just in case one of the directions is unclear. I am a very visual person so I find this extremely helpful. Posts generally include a brief background on the recipe, instructions on how to make the basic version and then variations. I am excited to learn new techniques.


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