Closer All The Time

This past weekend M&I were joined by my dad and grandfather upstate to get some work done, and boy did we ever! This is the bench that we put together with the outhouse in the background. You can’t see but my project this weekend was creating a mulch path that leads to the outhouse. Grandpa is going to paint us a sign for it. We also made a rain cover with the largest tarp I have ever seen AND got the floor put together for our ReadyMade shed! Phew! I can’t thank those guys enough. They come up, we laugh we set things on fire, we get things done. It is fantastic. I hope that one day soon they will be able to come up and laugh and set things on fire and relax a little. Maybe next time Grandpa, you can keep the fire inside the burn barrel? (If you look closely at the following picture you will notice a not so little fire to the right of the burn barrels.)


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