Ticky Tacky

Even when I did have cable I was too cheap to pay for premium channels such as Showtime. I felt it was $15 a month that I could use for something else. Recently while I was home scanning photos and clicking around what Netflix has to watch instantly I stumbled upon Weeds. While scanning and working on other assorted crafts I watched seasons 1 & 2 straight through. It is a half hour show so it was easier than it sounds, but that is still a lot of Weeds. The show is great, as many Showtime series shows tend to be. Interesting characters, good story line and fabulous jewelry. (The main character wears Me & Ro almost exclusively) And surprisingly little pot smoking for a show about a Suburban soccer mom who becomes a dope dealer to support her family after her husband dies. I have had to pace myself with season 3, but only because I have to wait for the DVDs.


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