I Will Have to Call Later

I remember a time when people not only didn’t have a phone/email device strapped permanently to their ear, but a time where you couldn’t even leave a message from someone. Or if they were home and already on the phone, there was something called a busy signal. No caller ID, no answering machines, no call waiting. If you happened to catch someone at home, then you got to talk to them. Otherwise, you had to wait. No texting someone to call you, no leaving a message, no email. You had to wait and try back again. In NY I see a lot of people constantly plugged in. Staring into their phone, frantically emailing and texting. Always plugged in. Not looking up to see the world around them. I find myself getting sucked into this plugged in world and I am not sure I like it. I know I sound like a little old lady right now (back in MY day…) and I think it is because I need a little less technology in my life.


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