New Project

I am considering starting a new project. You are probably wondering if maybe I don’t already have my hands full with all of the other projects I have started lately, and the answer is yes, I currently have plenty of projects keeping me busy. But hey, what is one more. This one fits into my reason for starting a blog in the first place. Over the past two years I have seen a few people slip out of my life rather quickly. Once they were gone I realized that I didn’t know them as well as I would have liked. So, my new project is one I found on Photojojo called Project 365. A picture a day for a year. I am going to be using a little $10 digital camera I bought from a local drugstore, it is really tiny and I will be more likely to carry it. I get 20 chances to get my photo each day since the camera only holds 20 images. It is the digital equivalent of using a holga. I will have to start tomorrow because I just decided this today and don’t have the camera with me. I will post the images to the blog.


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