I don’t know where I first saw this bird mobile with free sewing pattern, but I loved it so much, I downloaded it right away. I have a bunch of fabric samples that are screaming to be used on this project. In fact I can’t imagine a project more perfect. We happen to have quite a few friends who have new little ones so I am thinking this is what they will be getting from M & me. M is actually the sewer in the family so between the two of us we should be able to crank them out. The plan was to get started this weekend, we went out for a walk, got some pinking shears and good quality fabric scissors, got home and promptly wilted from the heat. Hopefully we will get started matching and cutting fabric this week.


2 Replies to “Birds”

  1. I like you idea of a bird mobile. One would look real nice at the farm, next to the window, where the real birds hang out.

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