Left, Left, Left Right, Left

M&I have decided to enroll our doughy butts in bootcamp. Starting next week for three weeks, three days a week we are going to get up at 5:30 so we can start a punishing exercise routine at 6:00… am. Those of you who know me are undoubtedly going to surprised I would sign up for anything that started at 6am. I am figuring I can endure just about anything for three weeks. My understanding is it ain’t gonna be easy. Running up stairs, push ups, sit ups. I hurt just thinking about it. I am hoping this will jump start a more regular routine of exercise which will eventually lead to me being able to run on the soccer field for more than 5 secs without being winded. At least that is the plan. Mauricio, if you are reading this, please be gentle as you are demanding your 50 pushups.


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