Lend and Borrow

Today a coworker sent me information about a brand new website that helps connect neighbors in a really cool way. It is called Household Network. It is a place where you sign in and create and account of things you are willing to lend out to people. The idea is if you need a ladder for a project and your neighbor has a ladder they are willing to lend, you can contact them. What a concept, instead of buying something we may only need one time, we borrow it from someone who already has it. I personally think it is great and I have signed up and created a network near our property upstate. I haven’t listed things we have to lend yet, I have to be up there to take inventory first, but I hope this catches on. Who knows, maybe the next time you need a punch bowl for that big super bowl party you are planning, you can borrow it instead of buying a new one which will then take up space in your cabinet for the next 10 years.


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