Poo Poo Talk

We are so close to getting electricity I can almost feel the shock. M is going up Thursday with his uncle to put up the box. The Friday an inspector is coming and he will then pass on the word to Central Hudson that we are ready for electricity. YEAH! This is a major step forward. The next step will be using the electricity to power our tools and make our ReadyMade shed (get ready Grandpa!) Well once we have a place to sleep we are going to need a place to do our business. Now comes the poopy talk. We are trying to decided the best way to set up an outhouse of sorts. Although we will have electric, we still won’t have water. What option does this leave us? A composting toilet will do the trick nicely. No water, no electricity and if and when we have a more traditional bathroom set up, we can always move it to one of the more remote areas of our 18 acres.


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