Rainbow into a Bicycle Kick

In our last soccer game of the season I scored a goal. Now this isn’t the first goal of my post high school soccer career, but I think it was definitely the best so far. Let me set the stage for you. The team we were playing was in a division or two above us, so we figured this game would be a tough one at best. Their goalie is about 8 feet tall with an arm span to match. He is definitely one of the top goalies in the entire league. I play right wing and my job is to be forward and near the goal most of the time. So there I was up near the goal. M gets the ball and crosses it in front of the goal. I see my chance, I set myself up and half volley a shot into the upper left corner. Apparently a half volley is when your leg comes out 45 degrees when kicking the ball, who knew? I was ecstatic. It just felt good. I am hoping this season will have more of those type of shots.


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