(this is not me or my skirt, but it is pretty and springy)

I generally check in with M before I head out to make sure I look ok. Generally I get,” You look fine” which means there is no TP on my shoe or any major wardrobe malfunction. Today though, I got a “You look nice. You don’t usually…” I filled in,”wear skirts?” Yup. Today I am wearing a skirt. It is funny, but thinking about it I really don’t wear skirts or dresses much anymore. Maybe once a month. The really funny part is there was an entire year of my life where I didn’t wear pants. I didn’t even own pants. On the weekends, I just wore casual skirts. Anyway, today’s skirt is really wonderful. I have had it for a while but this is the first time I am wearing it. It is really full with a lace trim attached slip. I feel so good I might start wearing skirts more often. Although I think that means I am going to have to get better shoes…


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