Wrong Side of the World

As I have been researching prefab housing I have realized a few things. As far as location I am probably on the wrong side of the world but at the very least the wrong side of the country to get my hands on any really cool designs for less than my first born child. It seems that Australia and New Zealand have figured out prefab is the way to go. Europe seems to be holding their own as well as far as ease of availability and interesting design choices. The US is lagging… especially here on the east coast. It seems that everything I look at has huge shipping costs and doesn’t having something shipped negate any “green” good I might be doing? When I finally think I am on to something, it turns out the hidden costs can make that enticing bottom line price swell up by a factor of 10 in some cases. I am starting to feel like a double wide is the only thing really in my prices range… ok ok, things aren’t that bleak. I could also plunk down a Cape (yawn) for a reasonable price. M&I are seriously considering building our own house. I mean like with our own two hands (and I am hoping a few helping hands here and there.) I was reading this blog and figured if he could do it, so could we… Have I lost my mind? Quite possibly.


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