Soda Jerk

I drink a lot of seltzer. So much so that we usually buy it by the case. That equals a lot of plastic bottles, and even with them going into the recycle bin, wouldn’t it be better not to use them in the first place? But how can I have my seltzer and not the empties? Enter Soda Club. It was actually my step dad that turned me on to this site. He is always on the cutting edge of cool kitchen gadgets, the latest is a low tech yogurt maker. I am envious. I got my Edition 1 machine last week and have had a grand time making seltzer. You can control the fizzyness so now I can have a less bubbly drink. I love it and I love not feeling guilty about all the plastic. I even made some Mountain Dew like soda for M with the flavor tester packs they sent. Personally I prefer my seltzer with some concentrated cranberry juice.


One Reply to “Soda Jerk”

  1. What is the “Soda Club”? Sounds interesting. I have gone off the Selzter, lemon and tabasco. I buy it in cans, and recycle them. Sometimes. I’m am really trying to be more “green”. Drop me a note.

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