Rural Studio

For my own selfish reasons I have been looking into reusing materials for building. Our upstate property (I promise I will post pictures soon) is full of junk and I am hoping to be able to use some of this junk for building. Otherwise it is destined for the landfill which is bad for the environment and my wallet. I also happen to be looking into modern looking structures to put on the property because I would like to avoid plunking down a cape or ranch or some other ordinary building if we can avoid it. I was clicking around today and was reminded of the Rural Studio by this post over at Materialicious. I can’t remember where I first heard of this project but it is just amazing and every time I see this house in particular I am once again blown away. The quick story is this is a house built in rural Mississippi to an extremely poor family, it was built and designed by students, and there is a large amount of recycled material used. The story behind the people who live here is just as amazing to me as the people who put it together. If you don’t already know about Samuel Mockbee, learn about him and his Rural Studio. More here. You won’t be sorry.


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