5lbs Doesn’t Seem Like Enough, Let’s Get 10

This weekend I was a cooking fiend! A friend came over Saturday and after some shopping we headed to my place for some cooking, baking, drinking and movie watching. Phew! We decided on Horseradish Mashed Potato Pie for dinner (NOT a 30 min endeavor I don’t care what Rachel says), and bacon chocolate chip cookies. In our infinite wisdom we decided that since we were making one batch of the mashed potato pie, why not double the recipe and then each have some leftovers. Now, the recipe called for 5lbs of mashed potatoes… why it didn’t occur to us in the store that 10lbs of potatoes is an insane amount of potato, I still can’t figure out. We decided on ground chicken instead of beef and got a pack of soup veggies instead of what was listed, although it was a pretty close match. We made our own bacon bits for the cookies so thank goodness we didn’t double that recipe! Holy bacon. After what seemed like hours of chopping and making bacon, we were finally ready to start cooking and baking. Of course we had to do both at once so it was utter chaos in the kitchen. Thank goodness for the kitchen aid. And thank goodness for the huge stock pot D bought us ages ago. Let’s just say that I don’t want to see another potato or another piece of bacon for a good long time.


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