Holy cow did it get cold. It is chill you to the bone cold out there. This past weekend M&I went upstate to work a little bit on getting the “house” cleared. We made some really good progress despite the chill in the air. We also got one step closer to electricity by putting a grounding rod in. M and his dad did most of the work. It is an 8′ pole and it went into the ground about 4′ and stopped… we hope that is enough. We made a few trips to the local recycling center. We were overjoyed to find out they recycle books! Alleluia. We took a few loads out which really helped clear some space. We are trying to recycle everything we possibly can. The more we recycle, which is free, the less we have to pay to get rid of. The real shame is some of the books would probably be of interest but they are filthy dirty grimy and mice have made homes out of some. Honestly the only things I am considering keeping are glass items. I figure they can be pretty thoroughly cleaned and then displayed. I am not sure there is anything that could get them clean enough for me to consider eating off them.

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