This Will be Us… I Hope.

Today on Apartment Therapy they have an article about sheds and what people are doing when them. I absolutely fell in love with this picture. This is what I want! There are pictures of the inside of the shed and well and while it may not be my taste, it looks warm and cozy and totally doable. The most amazing part is, this shed is a ReadyMade modular shed… the exact type of shed M & I are planning on building this spring. I love the little deck next to it, I love the fire pit, what I love most of all is this is pretty close to what I have been imagining which means I can show this to M and say,”This is what I have been thinking.” Come on spring! I am ready to build something! via link


2 Replies to “This Will be Us… I Hope.”

  1. You know, this looks REALLY close to the shed my husband built for us when we moved into our house years ago. This post makes me think I should include it in a post. It was easy to design and build and everyone comments on how nice it is. I’ll be sure to link you if I do.

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