Mix it Up

I love to bake. Especially in the winter. Following a recipe, cooking my creation to perfection, the smell throughout the apartment, and adding the finishing touches. It is like crafting but with a yummy payoff. For years I have been using a hand mixer instead of investing in a stand mixer. This definitely makes me think twice before starting a baking project. Things become just that much harder with you have to try and add flour slowly and hold the mixer, or whip something to stiff peaks, and there is the ever present danger of burning out the motor. Well 2008 is going to be the year of baking because, ladies and gentlemen, I am getting a kitchenaid. I am going for the artisan 5 quart and while I would like to go for something like the wasabi, it is probably going to end up being the white since it is $100 less for some reason. Hey, if I save $100 on the mixer, maybe I can get one of the many accessories. I just hope that M&I don’t start to grow wider.


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