‘Tis The Season for Sharing

As years go by Christmas has lost a little bit of something for me. When I was a kid there was anticipation, family, presents, treats just because, lots of joy and lots and lots of love. As I got older it was more about family and less about presents and now I would say it is mostly about family and not at all about presents. I have to say that I dread shopping for Christmas presents. Shops are terribly crowded and people are not always at their nicest when they are hot and tired, I am always worried if the intended recipient is going to like the gift, and I am starting to feel like most people I know have way too much stuff as it is (M&I included!) I have been trying to make more and more of the gifts I give, although that still wasn’t feeling like enough. This year M&I are trying something different. Instead of giving gifts this year we decided to make a donation on behalf of those who would normally get a coffee maker or ceramic bowl or new tie. There are a lot of great organizations out there but our choice became clear after a little discussing. We feel very fortunate that we are able to provide for ourselves in jobs we like (well we like them most of the time) and we wanted to help provide others with that same feeling so we went with FINCA. If you are so inclined there is still time. The message goes out to your loved one via email. If you are wondering where to start I have included a few links below to help you out. And next year if M&I are on your list, we would like to say now we would love for you to make a donation in our name to the charity of your choice. If it makes you happy, it will make us happy. And isn’t being happy what Christmas is about?



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