Judging a Book by Its Cover

I am doing it! I am totally judging books by their covers. I do it all the time. I have read some good books that way and of course I have started some real stinkers. While in Australia we found ourselves in a few bookstores. Why on earth would we go into a bookstore while on vacation when there are mega bookstores everywhere you look here? Well M&I love books. We love them. Can’t get enough. They are heavy and take up a lot of space and we curse them every time we move, but that doesn’t stop us from buying more. While we were browsing I started to notice that the books seemed to generally have different covers that I am used to here in the US. No puffy letters and drop shadow. No neon colors. Cleaner, simpler and bolder. They were much more pleasing to my eye. In fact I took down a whole list of books that I wanted to read and put them on my library list. I have already started one and a few others are on the way. So far so good.


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