Getting My Act Together

My life is generally in a state of organized chaos. In the past few months I have been getting further and further from organized into a more total chaos. It is a slippery slope. Well I am whipping things back into shape. I am getting more organized, cleaning up and clearing out. I find that when I feel bogged down by my stuff, I am not as creative and I feel overwhelmed. Already I have conquered a few tasks which have been nagging at me and I am feeling better already. I finished a scarf the other day that I started two years ago. I unraveled a sweater from which I have been meaning to reclaim the yarn for at least a year. I am looking at what I have with a more discriminating eye. Am I really going to get to that needlepoint project that I bought 5 years ago? I know that paper is really cool, but am I going to get around to using it? Sorry M, I think I need all my yarn. You never know! Now that a few of those things are done that I have been putting off, I can start new projects… with materials I already have, of course, because craft diet is still in full swing.


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