A Quest for Comfort

I don’t like being uncomfortable when it comes to my clothes. I have been known to go out at lunch and get a new outfit, which I will then put on because what I was wearing wasn’t cutting it. I found myself in a similar situation today. On my way to work my pants were literally falling off. I mean if I hadn’t had a hand on them, they would have slipped right off. Why would I walk out of the house with pants that large? You will have to believe that they weren’t that large when I left and in general I wouldn’t say they look gigantic. I usually wear a belt with these pants, but I didn’t for some reason today. So on my way to work I had to quickly pop in and get a belt. Is it really my fault that they had cashmere sweaters on sale for almost nothing? I say no, I am not to blame. It will be my fault when I have to go back this evening and get another one though. I am willing to accept that I am not perfect.


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