About Face!!

We are back from the land down under. Yesterday was the longest day ever. Seriously. After spending the whole day of December 1st in Auckland having a lovely time we boarded our flight to LAX at 11:00pm, we got into LA at 2:00pm December 1st AND THEN got into JFK at 11:45pm on December 1st! I think that more than makes up for losing November 11th. If only the travel time was actually 45 minutes instead of 21 hours. So here we are coming from summer weather to snow. Yup, you read correctly, it is snowing in the Big Apple. I have to trade in my summer clothes for a sweater and coat and scarf and hat and gloves. Right now my body is trying to tell me it is the middle of the night despite the fact that it is 1:00 in the afternoon. I have a feeling it is going to take a while to get back on to Eastern Standard time. I am stuggling to stay awake so that I can sleep tonight, but man do I want to take a nap.


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