Top of the World

Today Bill and I did the Sydney Bridge Climb. Mike and Mom decided that they might now be able to make it so they opted out. Whoo hoo! I know, I know, very touristy but still very cool. We decided on the twilight climb. It took about an hour to get ready. We put on special jump suits and rain pants and then hooked on a safety harness, headsets, a special jacket and fleece that folded into a pouch that stayed hooked on to your jacket, and a few other items that hooked on to the jumpsuit like a glasses strap and hat. Phew! It was a lot of stuff. The bridge has an amazing view of the opera house and it was lovely to see Sydney at night from on high. It honestly wasn’t scary. You are hooked in the whole way and for most of the climb you are on a wide section of the bridge. I would definitely recommend it.


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